About Us

Nigambodh Ghat is the one of the oldest, largest and most popular crematorium of Delhi/NCR, for performing the last rites of your loved ones in traditional and customary method. Having one of the best infrastructure for funeral rituals, Nigamboth Ghat has all the modern services for a  smooth funeral process. Special emphasis has been laid to update and upgrade the infrastructure and facilities, as per the modern requirements maintaining the sanctity of the place. Adhering to a strong and professional management procedures, care is taken to provide equal and due importance to the sentimental needs of the nears and dears of the deceased family.  


BARI PANCHAYAT VAISH BISA AGGARWAL (regd) was instituted in the year 1898 when Delhi was known as Shahjanabad. At that time,  the major business and trade activities were conducted by Vaish Agarwals. The entire society was scattered and used to perform birth and death ceremonies as per their wish and status which affected the lower strata of people. The Vaish Beese Agarwal society then took a pledge to stop the over expenditure made on marriages, son’s birth and death rituals and standardise the rituals so that even the poor could perform them with much less expense.Since then Vaish Beese Agarwal Badi Panchayat has been diligently managing these important phases of life. Nigam Bodh Ghat is one such place where the society has made tremendous contribution for its operations over the years