Cremation Platforms & Pricing​

There are 6 type of platforms available for conventional funeral services that includes 3 types of VIP platforms and 3 types of other platforms. These Platforms can be pre-booked on phone or are also available on arrival, as per the availability. These platforms have ample and safe space around them, to accommodate a decent number of people. A pre decided time as per the rules is provided to the family for picking up the ashes and performing chautha.

Wood Platforms

Timing : 24x 7

Main VIP 1
Semi VIP 23
Moksdhaa 6
Yamuna Bank Side 14
Normal 76


All inclusive

Wood per 100kg ₹ 700
Normal Pyre 400kg ₹ 2800
Semi VIP Platform 500 Kg ₹ 3500
VIP Pyre 500kg ₹ 3500
Moksdhaa 200kg ₹ 1400

For Vip Booking Please Call

Chief Convenor

+91 9810043635

Person In charge

+91 9650363267, 8586982290

CNG Platforms

People who prefer a more eco-friendly funeral also have the option of using a CNG platform. For CNG platform it is advised to pre-book the platform to ensure availability. There are 2 CNG cremation halls available with a capacity of 180 and 150 people.

CNG Furnaces 6
CNG Pricing ₹ 1500

No Cremation charges from poor and needy people.

MOre services